Relationships Take Work...

     If your relationship is in place of disconnect please know that you are not alone and there is a way to rebuild trust and intimacy. Perhaps it has been this way for just a short time or for many years, either way couples counseling offers the unique experience for both partners to work through difficult times and rebuild lost connections. Connecting with another individual in a romantic relationship is the most rewarding experience life can offer. When connections start to fall apart it is difficult to figure out why. It is easy to get into set patterns with your partner that begin a downward spiral. Know that there is a way to rebuild that intimacy and trust. In couples counseling you will;

  •   Learn to identify the negative cycle the two of you are caught in.
  •   Learn to talk to each other about your part of the cycle and understand the emotions driving the cycle.
  •   Learn how to stop the cycle so the two of you can reconnect.

     It is easy to start to view your partner as the enemy. As soon as you view your partner as the enemy it is easy for contempt, defensiveness, stonewalling and criticism to creep into the relationship. When this happens both of you become caught in a downward spiral. By identify this cycle and seeing that your partner isn't the enemy things will start to change. I have had the privilege of helping countless couples through this journey and would be honored to help you. The couples counseling I practice is rooted in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. 

Rebuilding after an affair or other breach of trust...

     If there has been an affair or other breach of trust it can feel hopeless. Couples counseling provides you both with the opportunity to express what you have been going through without feeling attacked by the other. During this tumultuous time it is common to feel lost and alone, the healing process starts when you are able to talk with your partner and feel like they understand what you are going through. Attempting this process on your own is frightening and often ends in arguments with both of you feeling more alone and apart from each other. In couples counseling you both will be able to;  

  •        Express the difficult emotions the affair or breach of trust has brought up.
  •        Learn how to talk about triggers without getting into an argument.
  •         Learn how to start to rebuild your relationship.

     By strengthening the bond the two of you have it becomes safer for the two of you to turn toward each other in times of need or distress instead of away. After an affair there are a lot of emotions that need to be worked through and expressed before the two of you can start to rebuild your bond. Couples counseling will help you start on a solid foundation so the two of you can begin to build the relationship you both want.  I have had the opportunity to guide many couples through these difficult times and begin the healing process. Please contact me with any other questions you might have about couples counseling. I am here to help.