"The important thing is not to stop questioning; curiosity has its own reason for existing" -Albert Einstien


Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Does my insurance cover counseling?  It is important to check with your insurance provider and ask them what your benefits for counseling are. Also, many insurance companies view individual and couples counseling differently so be sure to let them know what counseling you are looking for. I am considered an out of network provider by most insurance companies.

2.   What does counseling look like? The counseling that I practice is known as talk therapy, generally this means you will come to the counseling session with an idea of what you want to talk about whether that be depression, anxiety or something else that has been concerning you. I have been trained to help you see and start to understand aspects of yourself that you would not have noticed on your own. This does not mean I give advice or tell you what to do, together I help you come up with answers to your own questions.

3.   How long will I/we be in counseling? Every individual or couple is unique. I have had clients that accomplished what they wanted to in counseling in just a couple of sessions and others have continued the journey for a year or more. The length is dependent on what your goals are and how long you want to stay in counseling.     

4.    Is counseling right for me? Trying something new can be a scary concept and it makes sense that you want to make sure that its a good fit for you. In general if you feel you want to understand what it is you are going through on a much deeper level were you can start to work through some of it and make sense out of it then counseling is right for you.

5.    How do I know what counselor is right for me? Whether or not counseling works is greatly dependent on whether or not you like your counselor. Not every counselor is a good fit for everyone. The best way to decide is to go to a couple of sessions and then trust your overall impressions. Another great way is to ask the counselor if they do free phone consultations or short in person consultations. Although it's not as lengthy as a full session your general impression of the therapist probably won't change much.