Please know that you are not alone on your journey. Often times the human experience is difficult and confusing. Trying to figure things out on your own can leave you feeling hopeless and more frustrated. In individual counseling you are able to see things in a new way. The depression, anxiety or other concerns start to make sense and lessen. Once you begin to understand and make sense of what you are going through it becomes more manageable and you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Through the counseling process you will be able to;

  • Speak freely about whatever is on your mind without the worry of judgment or it getting back to anyone else.
  • Explore what you are going through in a helpful environment. 
  • Start to understand yourself on a deeper level so you can decide what it is that will make you truly happy.
  • Once you decide what it is that will make you truly happy be able to identify the obstacles that might come up and explore how to overcome them. 

It is extremely difficult to ask for help, there is often a sense of, “I should be able to handle this on my own.” If you have tried it on your own for a while and continue to be stuck asking for help is the most courage’s and self-compassionate thing you can do. Going to counseling does not mean you are weak or have anything wrong with you it simply means you want to be happier then you currently are and how to get there seems a confusing. Counseling gives you a safe way to sort through the confusion. 

I have had the opportunity to help many individuals along on their journey to happiness and I would be honored to assist you through individual counseling. There is nothing more rewarding then to help someone go from a state of disarray to self-healing and happiness. I know it is possible for you to make that journey and counseling is a great place to start.