The Healing Power of the Wilderness!

It was as a youth and trips into the mountains with my father when I first experienced the awe inspiring greatness that is the wilderness. After working with teens in the wilderness of Utah I learned the power of wilderness therapy. In our society today it is easy to get caught up in technology, when emotional things begin to bother us it can seem like it's coming from a foreign world. The ability to help us disconnect from that technology that wilderness therapy offers is priceless. It is for this reason that I offer wilderness therapy as part of my counseling services. The wilderness therapy that I offer is individualized to your specific needs, it can include an afternoon hike to a week long backpacking trip. Please feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions about wilderness therapy. Below I highlight some specific benefits to wilderness therapy for your specific situation. 

Wilderness therapy for couples...

  1. You will be removed from the stressful environment of everyday life and be able to focus on your relationship. 
  2. Just getting ready for a trip into the wilderness can bring up a lot of stuff for couples. Although stressful at first the core things you want to work on in your relationship will be heightened. 
  3. A backpacking trip is a good bonding experience, when you add therapy to that, it has the ability to strengthen the bond between the two of you much faster then traditional therapy can.  

Wilderness therapy for individuals...

  1. Exploring the inner workings of your emotional state has often been referred to as exploring a vast wilderness. Actually being in the wilderness and being engaged in wilderness therapy removes the distractions of the world and allows you to focus on yourself.  
  2. When you remove the external stimuli of society your emotional state often becomes much clearer.
  3. When you return from your trip you will have gone through a personal journey of exploration and have a clearer since of self. 

There are many other benefits to wilderness therapy as well that I have not mentioned. To experience life is the greatest journey of all. Please contact me if I may assist you on your journey.